Single Malt Whiskey

Our malt whiskey collection includes Glenmorangie (Original, Prestige, 18YO, Signet, Lasanta, Nectar D’or) and Ardbeg Single Malt.


Creators of Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskies since 1843.


Glenmorangie Original | Scotland

The Glenmorangie has flavors of honeyed sweetness fused with notes of citrus, vanilla and almonds, making it delicate, alluring and very complex.

Glenmorangie Prestige Quinta Original | Scotland

The “Quintas” or wine estates, of Portugal provide the Ruby Port casks for this velvety textured Glenmorangie “Ruban” is the Gaelie for ruby.

Glenmorangie 18YO | Scotland

The 18YO is rich, rounded and sweet with dried fruits and a complex floral fragrance. The taste is balanced between honey, malt and flowery scents. Dates and figs emerge in the background with a hint of wood smoke. Above all, the finish is long and enticing with the sweetness of dried fruit and subtle dryness of Oloroso nuttiness.

Glenmorangie Signet | Scotland

A strong Aruba espresso fused with a treacly plum pudding, rich with sherry, and candied orange peel. Contrast of rich sweetness with an explosive crackle of sizzling spices and bitter mocha. Another fresh spring-like breeze of mint with a bright citrus lemony-green quality.

Glenmorangie Lasanta | Scotland

Aromas of warm spices mix with smooth chocolate covered raisins, honeycomb and caramel toffee. Deliciously sweet sherry flavored sultanas, orange segments, walnuts and butterscotch combine to create complex warm spices. Even more, the finish is long and satisfying finish with spiced orange and chocolate covered hazelnuts.

Glenmorangie Nectar D’or | Scotland

Lime and orange rind, sultanas and dates give a rich fruity flavor laced with tantalising spices of coconut and nutmeg. Taste of ginger, nutmeg and toasted almonds bring a deep, warming taste interwoven with a syrupy lemon meringue and honeycomb middle. Long and lusciously sweet finish with lemon zest, white chocolate, vanilla and traces of ginger and nutmeg finish.


The untamed spirit of Islay.


Ardbeg Single Malt – 10YO | Scotland

Of all Islay’s whiskeys, it is ARDBEG which stands alone as the deepest and most balanced. Ardbeg ten years old is non-chilled – filtered and has a strength of 46% abv. This retaining maximum flavor, at the same time, giving more body and added depth.

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