Penfolds BIN Series


ABV: 14.5 %

KSh 7,065KSh 13,175 vat incl

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Penfolds BIN 28 Kalimna Shiraz
Red-currants varietal primary fruits sitting alongside glacéed fruits…cherry, almond, musk. Nuances of tanned leather, aniseed, cooked rhubarb coalesce yet still exude their own aromatic contribution. earthy, organic. Shiraz-pan scrapings, game meat just, marrow reduction. Honest, true to style. Even and balanced across the palate. Freshness, juiciness with softened supportive.
Penfolds BIN 389 Cabernet Sauvignon
Expansive, explosive, exotic…a Bin 389 triple-ex palate rating! A wave/ surge of fruits and spice unleashed – propelled by tomato and tahini paste flavors. Juicy, succulent tannins engulf, alongside oak – adding volume, density. Mouth-coating in every sense. Long and lingering.


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