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ABV: 35 %

KSh 1,675KSh 7,545 vat incl

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Herbs, blossom, roots, fruits… Liqueur Jagermeister, it’s said that there are 56 ingredients in Ice cold and at its purest: for people who don’t compromise. Jägermeister, but only a few priviledged keepers of the secret recipe know for sure.

THE PREMIUM HERBAL LIQUEUR Jägermeister MANIFEST is a superior product with more than 56 character giving botanicals complemented by subtle oak notes to perfect the interplay of natural aromas. Leaving you with a lot to discover and a pleasant long-lasting finish.
PERFECT SERVE – A neat, sipping shot (4 cl) stored in the fridge and served chilled in a transparent Jägermeister MANIFEST glass.


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