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ABV: 11 %

KSh 1,375 vat incl

Canti Cabernet Sauvignon
Grape: Cabernet. Colour: Ruby red with violet reflections. Aroma: Distinctive, herbaceous and spicy with a perfectly balanced reminiscence of pepper. Flavour: Frank, balanced, fruity and pleasantly tannic and mineral. Serving suggestion:
Perfect with sausages, red meat, BBQ, vegetable soups.
Canti Merlot
Grape: Merlot. Colour: Ruby red with violet hues. Aroma: Intense, rich and elegant with scents of ripe fruit. Flavour: Ethereal, rich, spicy and well balanced. Excellent with meat based dishes, game and seasoned cheese.
Canti Chardonnay
Grape: Chardonnay. Colour: Straw yellow with greenish reflections. Aroma: Characteristic with marked fruity and floral undertones. Flavour: Dry, with a fresh streak and clear cut sensation of the olfactive characteristics.
Serving suggestion: Ideal as an aperitif drink, it goes well with all the fish dishes, cold cuts, fresh cheeses, omelettes.
Canti Merlot Rose
Grape: Merlot. Colour: Bright pink. Aroma: Pleasantly fruity Flavour: Dry, light and easy drinking with plummy fruit flavours and good balance. Serving suggestion: Great on its own or with fish, pasta and mild cheese.


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