Ice cold shots, let’s BE the Meister.



Jägermeister | Germany

Herbs, blossom, roots, fruits… Liqueur Jagermeister, it’s said that there are 56 ingredients in Ice cold and at its purest: for people who don’t compromise. Jägermeister, but only a few priviledged keepers of the secret recipe know for sure.

Tang Sour Apple

Tang Sour Apple | South Africa

TANG is South Africa’s number one sours shooter. Since the explosion of the original SOUR APPLE an even more wicked sweet and sour taste sensation was incited called TANG BITE

tang sour apple



Butlers | South Africa

Imagine sipping on a refreshing Mojito or indulging in a sensational Pina Colada whenever you like! With Butlers, you can create the perfect cocktail in a matter of minutes. All you need is your favourite Butlers liqueur, some creativity and the step-by-step recipes. Have fun!

Strawberry Lips

Strawberry Lips | South Africa

Strawberry Lips is a decadent combination of strawberry cream liqueur carefully laced with the best gold tequila to give the ultimate tequila experience.

strawberry lips

Marula Cream

marula cream

African Secret Marula Cream | South Africa

A Secret worth sharing. A decadent Marula Cream Liqueur with caramel and vanilla flavours. Enjoy chilled over crushed ice.